feminized vs regular seeds

Feminized Vs Regular Marijuana seeds

Feminised Seeds Vs. Autoflowering Seeds For Indoor Cultivation

The flowers will ripen a few weeks later. Silver thiosulfate is made by combining two water solutions, one containing silver nitrate and the other, sodium thiosulfate. Silver nitrate alone can also be used to induce male flowers. Spray a solution of 0. 02- 0. 03% on the plant, and then turn the lights to a 12-hour flowering cycle.

The exception is gardeners interested in breeding.

I would run 4 plants in a 4×4 tent, 5 weeks veg, scragged or have 2 layers or replace. Regular seeds are cheaper as they are a 50/50 chance of males and females, I started out with regular seeds and ended up getting 4 females out of the 10 which I didn’t mind.

Feminised is your guarantee of them being female, pay for quality, I would recommend royal queen seeds! .

Feminised Seeds Vs. Autoflowering Seeds For Indoor Cultivation

Hermies are to be avoided! Read the full tutorial on hermies. It’s no good if your “female” plants start growing male flowers or parts of male flowers. That can cause seedy buds just like a male plant! This bud got completely seeded due to a hermie in the grow space.

Can this be caused by feminized seeds? Unfortunately, hermies can be a lot easier to miss than a male plant since it may just be a small part of the plant that’s affected. A male plant makes itself known at the beginning of the flowering stage, but a hermie plant may grow only buds except for just one or two tiny pollen sacs.

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Any type of male flower part that grows in your garden can add seeds to your buds, and hermies are some of the worst offenders. This grower didn’t notice that the buds had been seeded until harvest. As he was trimming, he noticed seeds popping out. Since there were no male plants, chances are this was caused by an unnoticed hermie somewhere in the grow space.

In order to create a feminized seed, one of the parent female plants had to be forced in some way to produce pollen. That pollen is used to pollinate another female plant, and the offspring of those two plants will all be female since both of the parents were female.

Feminized VS Regular marijuana seeds

The Difference Between Regular And Feminized Cannabis Seeds

But that also means every time you have a feminized seed, that seed had a plant that produced male flowers in its recent genetic history. There are different ways to feminize seeds, but only some methods produce seeds that turn hermie on you. It’s important to understand that hermies can happen in a couple of different ways.

This swollen calyx has a seed developing inside, What Causes Hermies? Hermies can be caused by many things, including… – the plant comes from a line of plants that naturally create hermies for no reason, even in good growing conditions – high temperatures, light leaks, inconsistent light schedules, as well as other types of major stress can cause a healthy plant to hermie, though some plants/strains are more susceptible than others – this is also known as “rodelization;” basically when the plant’s buds have gone past maturity without being pollinated (if the grower waits way too long to harvest), a female plant may make male pollen within its buds as a last-ditch effort to pollinate itself and make seeds for the next generation– by exposing a female plant to certain substances like colloidal silver or gibberellic acid during the early parts of the flowering stage, you can force any female plant to create pollen.

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