How to Increase Marijuana Yields

How to Increase Marijuana Yields

16 Ways To Increase Your Cannabis Yields – Rqs Blog

Here are steps you can take to maximize the benefit of each factor. Prune Your Plants To improve the size and quality of yields, try pruning your cannabis plants. This involves cutting off parts of the plant that get in the way of overall growth. A major problem is large leaves sticking up above the canopy and blocking light from reaching the rest of the plant below.

Wider plants mean more canopy area for the light to hit. This, in turn, means you get more bud sites and a far larger yield. If you additionally keep plants short, they use fewer resources to grow tall and instead use those resources to make more and larger buds. In addition to maximizing the impact of lighting, pruning also allows better airflow to the middle of the plant.

Keep it in check to prevent mold. The temperature for flowering should be between 65 and 80° F (18 and 26° C) and the relative humidity should hover between 40 and 50% during the beginning of the flowering stage and 40 and 45% during the final weeks. In some locations, conditions will be within those ranges naturally, at least during parts of the year.

This seems like a lot of work and a lot to think about. It is. You can grow weed without any of this, but to get the best possible yields, you need to provide the best possible growing conditions. There is just no way around that. Master Lighting Marijuana plants need light.

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How to Increase Marijuana Yields

When it comes to types of lighting, there are only two I recommend these days: LED or CMH. Both have great full-spectrum light (good LEDs do anyway; avoid those that don’t) and are highly efficient. My first choice is LED lighting, but make sure you get a high-quality American-made fixture.

Harvest At The Right Time The rule of thumb is: do not rush into it. Patience is key. Harvesting too early means the buds have not had time to reach peak potency. Once you’re past “too early”, the longer you wait to harvest, the more the effects of the bud move from a speedy, energetic high to a more relaxed, narcotic high.

The Pistil Method When the pistils, or hairs, are white and noticeable, it is still too early to harvest. Wait for the white pistils to turn dark. If you are aiming for a high THC yield wait for 60-70% of the hairs to get dark. For a more calming and anti-anxiety type of bud, let 70-90% of the hairs grow dark.

The Trichome Method For this method, you will need a magnifier to take a closer look at the stalk of glandular trichomes on the cannabis buds. Some also like to call it the resin glands. A jeweller’s loupe works well as a magnifier. Start checking the trichomes 3-4 weeks after they enter the flowering stage.

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Nutrition And Maintenance Excess nutrients lead to nutrient burn and lack of them results in the discoloration, and even death, of leaves. Plants need the correct amount of food, whether water or nutrients. It is crucial for healthy plant growth. The leaves are your guide to proper nutrition. They show you, before anything else, if your plant is suffering.

Eventually, the nutrients in the soil will get used up and you’ll need to begin adding them. The easiest way to do this is to get nutrient solutions made especially for cannabis. That way you should have separate solutions for vegging and flowering (plants need more nitrogen during vegging). When adding nutrients, add them to the water you use to water your plants.

If the plants start growing rapidly and need more, up the amount to 3/4 of what is indicated. Once you enter the flowering stage, switch to the flowering solution. For the first month of flowering, your plants will need a lot of nutrients. After that, start cutting back gradually. Final Thoughts On Maximizing Yields As mentioned at the beginning, there are many factors that affect marijuana yields.

Get them right and you will enjoy yields far larger and far more potent than the average grower. Only then should you worry about other factors: those that give you smaller increases in yield size and potency. Until you’ve got the big ones right, there’s no point in working hard for small gains.

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