AK 47 Seeds - The One Hit Wonder

AK 47 Seeds – The One Hit Wonder

Whether you are new to the world of growing cannabis, or a seasoned grower, AK47 is sure to please your senses. This variety is easy to grow, has a fast flowering time, and tastes delicious! AK47 has been a prize winner in multiple competitions for its high THC content, as well as its medical applications. Learn more about the AK47 strain below. And don’t forget to check out our review of this strain for beginners.

Growing AK 47 Cannabis

AK-47 is one of the most popular strains from Serious Seeds. This strain is fast-flowering, compact, and easy to grow. It produces up to 14 ounces of usable cannabis per square meter. It reaches its peak maturity in October, and it can be harvested when its height is between 19 and 32 inches. Growing AK-47 is a great choice for the beginner grower, as it is very forgiving of beginner mistakes. You can save water and nutrients by using drip irrigation, or deep water culture (submerges the roots of the plant in a nutrient solution).

AK-47 is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has the potential to flower fast. The exact flowering time depends on the phenotype, but it will finish flowering by late September or early October. This makes it important to grow the plant outdoors in an environment that can handle late-flowering without risk of freezing. You can grow AK-47 outdoors in your garden or indoors in a greenhouse.

The AK-47 strain was created by crossing four strains. The result was a cannabis strain with an extreme odor and a comparatively short flowering time. As a result of its high THC level and considerable CBD content, AK-47 also has an excellent yield. It is a popular and versatile cannabis strain. Its short flowering time and high CBD levels make it an ideal choice for the beginner grower.

Regular AK-47 marijuana plants were harvested on day 63. Serious Seeds suggests a flowering time window of 56 to 63 days for this strain. Six of the plants exhibited a similar flower structure, with a few main colas measuring up to 30 cm long. The plants measured between 85 and 102 cm tall. A feminised AK-47 cannabis plant will grow to the same height.

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Growing AK-47 cannabis seeds is relatively easy. The AK-47 strain is known for its exceptional quality, and other seed companies have even replicated it. It is a medium-sized sativa that can grow in soil or hydro. While it will take a longer flowering time than an average sativa, the process is relatively quick. The seeds will produce high-quality plants that smell amazing and are great for the smoker.

Flowering Time AK 47 Strain

The AK-47 strain is known for its cerebral high. It gives a relaxed and clear-headed feeling, and many people enjoy its euphoric effect. It can also give you a silly grin, making it perfect for any occasion. While this strain isn’t renowned for being a creative one, it’s a popular choice among growers, and has a variety of medicinal uses.

AK-47 has a strong genetic lineage, possibly beginning as a cross between Afghani and Thai strains. Developed in 1992, the strain underwent a major rework in 1999. It contains a mix of four strains, and is 65 percent Sativa and 35 percent Indica. Because it’s a mellow sativa, it produces high amounts of CBD.

The AK-47 strain is one of the best-selling medical marijuana strains. It is easy to grow and yields a good harvest. Its high-grade terpene profile makes it suitable for growing in commercial settings. It produces compact buds, with resin crystals forming in between the layers of the leaves. A smoked AK-47 has a lingering aftertaste that is highly addictive.

A hybrid of Sativa and Indica, AK-47 has a long and fast flowering time. AK-47 produces dark, compact buds with a light, mellow aroma. The high is both head and body. While the plant’s effects are mostly relaxing, there’s nothing quite like that first buzz! If you’re not a big fan of heavy hits, the AK-47 might be a good choice. Its high-grade THC content and CBD levels will allow you to enjoy this strain with ease.

The AK-47 strain prefers a temperate climate. It is most productive in temperatures up to 25degC. When temperatures get too high, however, it will slow the plant’s flowering process. When temperatures rise above 25 degC, AK-47’s buds become more fluffy and less dense. This sativa-dominant marijuana strain is great for indoors. This strain can yield anywhere from 350 to 500 grams per square meter.

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The AK-47 strain is one of the most versatile and easy to grow varieties. It grows well indoors, and can thrive in soil, coco, and hydro. It has a pungent smell and requires good air filtration to produce a high yield. It can tolerate high humidity, but should be grown in a climate where it is sheltered and protected from extreme heat. It also does not do well in the northern climates.

AK 47 Strain Origin

The AK-47 strain of marijuana didn’t exist until the early 1990s. A biology student in Amsterdam developed the strain in 1992, but it wasn’t until 1999 that the public started purchasing it from the breeder’s website. The strain quickly became a sensation and earned itself the moniker of “one hit wonder.”

Although its origin is still unknown, the AK-47 strain is a legendary cannabis variety, with mellow earthy notes, floral notes, and a subtle hint of sour notes. Its 65% sativa makeup and mellow high will make you smile, and a perfect strain for creative pursuits. This strain is a good choice for first-time cannabis smokers, and has received 127 awards around the world.

AK-47 marijuana strains are often associated with the Netherlands. The Dutch seed bank, Serious Seeds, developed the strain in the 1990s, crossing four iconic landrace varieties. It’s still a favorite among medical marijuana patients, and its high THC levels make it a popular choice for stoners and cannabis consumers. In addition to being a favorite, AK-47 is renowned for its relaxing effects.

The AK-47 strain is an excellent choice for people suffering from a variety of mental ailments. It can ease chronic pain, improve appetite, reduce nausea and vomiting, and help patients sleep better. It also helps people cope with chronic pain and can help people undergo chemotherapy. Among the many medical uses of AK-47, it is helpful for people suffering from bipolar disorder and depression. It is also effective in reducing anxiety and stress, as well as easing the symptoms of bipolar disorder and depression.

Its name is derived from the AK-47 gun. Its lineage is thought to be as old as the 1970s, and includes Mexican, Colombian, Thai, Afghani, and Afghani landraces. It is a sativa strain, with a high THC content, and a low CBD percentage. The AK-47 strain has won numerous awards in the cannabis industry, and its popularity continues to grow.

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About AK 47 Seeds

AK 47 seeds are popular with cannabis enthusiasts because of their strong effects and long-lasting high. They come in feminized packs of five, ten, and twenty seeds. AK 47 seeds contain high THC levels, and a moderate amount of CBD. AK 47 seeds have been awarded numerous awards, including best indoor and outdoor grow and best hydro-grow. The results are marijuana plants that yield large crops and are very versatile.

AK 47 is easy to grow and can be grown by novices and pros alike. Its feminized seeds will produce larger plants. Growers should keep a temperature of 68-80 degrees. Keep the room well ventilated, as the AK 47 strain is susceptible to mold. In addition, AK 47 grows best in climates with low humidity. This strain will also perform well indoors, but should be grown under controlled lighting conditions.

AK 47 cannabis seeds have a genetic makeup of 65% sativa and 35% indica. This combination produces a cannabis strain with energetic and relaxing effects. These feminized seeds are perfect for novice growers. They are also easy to handle and will grow fast. They also produce high yields and have an incredibly fast flowering period. For new growers, AK 47 seeds will be a great choice.

AK 47 cannabis seeds are easy to grow indoors or outdoors. If grown in a greenhouse, they can reach a height of 6.5 feet outdoors. For those who grow outside, AK 47 seeds are best harvested in the fourth week of October. Harvesting time is approximately four weeks, but for northern climates, harvest should be done by the 4th week of October. The endless growth capacity of AK 47 is an excellent factor for cannabis gardeners.

AK 47 is a strong hybrid with 3 sativa parents. The uplifting effect of AK 47 is best experienced in moderation. This strain can easily be smoked in the evening, but is best smoked in small doses. Smokers will be socially active after smoking it, making it perfect for socializing. The smell is delicious, too! The effects of this sativa-dominant strain are uplifting and mellow throughout the day.

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