Blue Magoo Seeds

Blue Magoo Seeds

If you’re looking for some great cannabis seeds, you should try Blue Magoo. This strain is known for its sticky texture and covered in trichomes. First, you’ll need a clipping from the mother plant to start your Blue Magoo seeds. Remove the broad fan leaves that block the light from the flowering nodes. Plants will be ready for harvest after seven to eight weeks. When it’s ready to harvest, the high is heavy-sedating and facilitates creative thinking.

Growing Blue Magoo Cannabis

Known as “the blueberry of weeds,” the flavor of the Blue Magoo weed strain is sweet, berry, and floral. Although its genetics are highly variable and depend on the breeder, its flavor and aroma are sure to please the palate. Smokers of this strain report enjoying a taste and aroma that is both fruity and earthy. Some report experiencing the munchies after smoking Blue Magoo.

The Blue Magoo strain requires a warm, dry climate to grow. In outdoor conditions, it will reach a mature height in 49 to 56 days, depending on the variety. For indoor cultivation, you may need to cut the leaves and fan them to ensure adequate light penetration in the lower canopy. Harvesting is typically in early October. Growing Blue Magoo is easy and will provide you with a rewarding harvest. If you grow it outdoors, you can expect to harvest a plant yield of between 13 and 18 ounces of buds per square foot.

A clone-only strain, Blue Magoo marijuana is not the easiest strain to grow. It can grow to around four feet tall at maturity, with an average height of about three feet. Harvesting is in October, and it yields approximately thirteen to seventeen ounces per square meter. The Blue Magoo plant tends to stretch, so be prepared to stake and support it while it grows. The resulting buds can be used immediately or stored for later use.

The Blue Magoo is a challenging strain, especially if you are new to growing cannabis. It’s also best suited to experienced growers. Unlike many other cannabis strains, it tends to stretch more than other plants, so make sure to allow more space in your indoor grow area. Some growers recommend using stakes and supports in addition to regular pruning. You can also try using clips of the Blue Magoo cannabis strain.

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A clone of marijuana known as the Blue Magoo is an Indica dominant hybrid. Its flavor is fruity with hints of earthiness and pine. It works wonders for treating pain, chronic stress, and mood disorders. However, the strain can make you sleepy, so use it in moderation. There are a few other advantages to growing Blue Magoo Cannabis. Its high CBD content can help with chronic pain and insomnia, and it has great medical potential.

Flowering Time Blue Magoo Strain

The Blue Magoo is an indica-dominant hybrid from the Pacific Northwest. This strain is a bit powerful for newbies, but it can relax moderate smokers and make them feel good. It can be grown indoors for around 7-8 weeks, or outside for early October. This clone-only variety is a good choice if you need a relaxing indica-type high.

The fragrance of this marijuana strain is reminiscent of blueberries, with an earthy musk. The smoke has a pungent taste, and the smell can induce coughing and watery eyes. It also has a fruity and herbal taste that is hard to describe. Some smokers may detect a floral taste on the exhale. The flavor is sweet and pleasantly tart, but you should be careful not to overdo it because it can be harsh.

This marijuana strain has mild effects that are not unpleasant. The effects are subtle, and are best suited for evening and nighttime use. While it can be used during the day, it is most often a nighttime strain. It has a slow body stone, so it is best reserved for use during the night. Blue Magoo will leave you feeling hazy and in a blissful state. Just like any marijuana strain, this strain is not for beginners.

Another marijuana strain with a high potency is Big Bang. This strain features a deep, complex, sweet-sour smell, a distinct citrus flavor, and a lingering earthiness. Its potency makes it a good choice for anyone seeking a mellow, positive high. Medical users of this strain report that it helps treat chronic pain and anxiety, as well as insomnia. It also makes for a strong nightcap!

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Blue Magoo Strain Origin

The euphoric Blue Magoo weed strain has a rich flavor and aroma with a hint of earthiness. Its terpenes have fruity, earthy, floral and pine notes. The sedative effect of this strain is immediate and deep, leaving the user feeling blissfully relaxed and content. Blue Magoo is an excellent strain for treating various ailments, such as depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

The Blue Magoo is a clone-only hybrid strain from Oregon, created by the breeders Dynasty Seeds. It is a cross between the legendary Blueberry and the classic sativa DJ Short. This plant typically averages between 16 and 21% THC. It is so incredibly potent and powerful that it often requires staking. Whether you’re looking for an intense cerebral high or a relaxed and pain-relieving high, this strain will definitely hit the spot.

Blue Magoo is highly aromatic and has a distinct blueberry smell and flavor. Its aroma is reminiscent of blueberries, but it also has notes of earth and pine. The smoke from Blue Magoo can cause dry mouth, and it can also cause heavy red eyes. Some smokers experience a floral aftertaste on exhalation. Although this strain has an earthy, berry-like flavor, it can be harsh on the throat.

The Blue Magoo marijuana strain is a potent hybrid with an indica dominance. Its flavor is a deep, rich blueberry, with earthy undertones. Its medicinal qualities are known for relieving symptoms of chronic stress, depression, and anxiety. Additionally, its effects are sedative and anti-inflammatory. It is also a popular choice for evening consumption. Its strong sedative effect helps people sleep well.

It is possible to cultivate the Blue Magoo strain both indoors and outdoors. Clippings from mature plants will produce genetically identical clones. This strain is primarily indica and grows short and bushy, with lateral branches. It has a 61-70 day flowering time. Its blue leaves and orange hairs are visually appealing. The Blue Magoo strain is an excellent choice for personal and commercial growers alike.

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About Blue Magoo Seeds

Growing Blue Magoo is an easy process and yields are high. However, in order to get the best possible yield, you must source the original seeds. If you are not lucky enough, you’ll have to settle for clones developed from the clippings of a good mother plant. These plants grow short, bushy, and have thick lateral branches. They flower in 49 to 56 days and will produce between 13 and 22 grams of buds per square meter. They are most productive if they’re grown outdoors and do well in temperate climates.

When smoked, Blue Magoo marijuana plants have a berry aroma and a heavy bud appearance. Their THC levels are typically around 13%. These plants are excellent for social settings and have a unique aroma. The aromas are pleasant and can leave you feeling relaxed and happy. Some users report feeling euphoric while smoking Blue Magoo. This strain is known to ease stress and alleviate pain.

The buds of the Blue Magoo plant are medium to large. They feature sativa-typical buds and grow long, almost conical, elongated stems. The foliage is loose and tends to pull away from the central stem. The leaves are muted green with a yellowish tint and are threaded with rust-colored hairs. Depending on the phenotype of Blue Magoo, the buds may have a purple hue.

Though a relatively mild strain, Blue Magoo may cause anxiety or paranoia in new users. Some users report a slight headache, though this is not the norm. Users may experience a slight headache and couchlock. Those who aren’t used to the Blue Magoo strain may experience some drowsiness or sedation. However, the cannabis strain is effective for addressing chronic stress and pain.

The Blue Magoo cannabis strain is a hybrid with mostly indica genetics. The strain is a cross between Major League Bud (also known as F2) and DJ Short Blueberry. It usually contains 16% to 21% THC. It was bred by Dynasty Seeds, a Portland-based breeder. The company acquired a cut of Blueberry from the breeder DJ Short and bred it with a F2 strain.

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